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Niisiis, nagu me teame, oleme rääkinud sellest viimase mitme kvartali jooksul, see on hüperkonkurentsivõimeline turg, peamiselt kohalikelt Hiina konkurentidelt. As the issuer of its own currency, the US funds itself without needing to tax or borrow to do so.

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Considering the condition of the body Rait said the 7th and 8th marathons were certainly one of the hardest he ever ran. So today's second marathon will be a challenge as it is going to finish late at night! What are you doing at night? But that does not break Rait, even if his legs are more like pain in the A at the moment. Now he wants to see how long it takes to get back on track and when he can run a marathon under 3 hours again.

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Probably it will not happen tonight when he starts his marathon no 8. But perhaps on day 5, or Show must go on! The situation of his feet is not commendable. You probably don't want to be in his shoes today as feet are hurting and are swollen! As you can see in his 7th half marathon time it will be quite hard to keep the second half faster than the fist one.

So today's goal is to run a marathon and finish it!

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Send some good thoughts! Have to celebrate little wins, don't you think? Halfmarathon 1: Halfmarathon 2: Halfmarathon 3: Halfmarathon 4: Halfmarathon 5: What is your ideal half marathon time you would like to run? For detailed info, see the link in BIO! Try resting more to get back on track.

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Someone exchanging euros for dollars as these options in dollars, and the counterparty has them in euros. All that changes is the players. Of course, the relative demand for exchange affects floating rates. Chinese companies sold goods to the US. Instead of promptly purchasing goods in exchange, China presently is saving in dollars, which is tantamount to "deferring consumption," that is, preferring to postpone making any decision to purchase goods or assets denominated in dollars, or, alternatively, to exchange dollars for another currency.

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What the US "owes" China is represented by the claims on ownership of US goods or assets in exchange of goods already provided. In other words, instead of a direct exchange, China has postponed use of dollars gains from export sales, preferring instead to save them at interest in U. China provided real resources to the US for dollars, and the dollars represent financial claims on US real resources.

China can exercise those claims when it wishes. That's just how trade works. What Happens Behind the Veil When China desires to use the dollars instead of saving them, the Fed will simply mark up China's reserve account and mark down its securities account.


It's just a switch in asset composition in accordance with China's current portfolio preference. What began as an increase in China's deposit account reserve account at the Fed due to sales of exports was subsequently switched into a time account Treasury securities and then switched back into China's deposit account for use as desired.

This is simply a matter of changing asset composition from zero maturity to non-zero maturity higher interest back to zero maturity. Really nothing to see here, let alone get worked up about. Or if it is, then the people in charge of US policy are dolts and don't understand what is actually happening.

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As the issuer of its own currency, the US funds itself without needing to tax or borrow to do so. Rather, China is saving its trade surplus with the US, through which it earned US dollars, in order to postpone future consumption.

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